Professor Yuji Goto

Osaka University, Japan

Dr. Yuji Goto obtained a Doctoral Degree (1982) from the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University. He experienced postdoctoral period in 1986-1988 at UC Santa Cruz.

His current research interests include protein folding, stability and misfolding. At the Institute for Protein Research (1998-2020), his group developed several key techniques studying amyloid fibrils. These include the H/D exchange of amyloid fibrils monitored by NMR, the real-time and single-fiber monitoring of amyloid growth by total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, and the calorimetric measurements of amyloid formation.

He has shown that ultrasonication is an effective agitation to trigger amyloid formation and invented HANdai Amyloid Burst Inducer (HANABI). Now, he proposes an alternative view of amyloid fibrils as supersaturation-limited crystal-like aggregates formed above solubility.

He was the first President of Asian Pacific Protein Association (2010-2011).