Professor Richard Morimoto

Northwestern University, USA

Dr Morimoto is the Bill and Gayle Cook Professor of Biology and Director of the Rice Institute for Biomedical Research at Northwestern University. He holds a B.S. from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from The University of Chicago, and did postdoctoral research at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

His research has been on the heat shock response, the function of molecular chaperones, and the role of proteostasis to maintain the stability of the proteome in health and in the face of stress, aging and diseases of protein conformation. These studies provide a molecular basis for the mechanisms that maintain the stability of the proteome in health and the basis of age-associated diseases including neurodegeneration, metabolic diseases, and cancer. Morimoto has published over 225 papers and edited four books.

He has received many academic honours and awards including two MERIT awards from the National Institutes of Health and elected membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He has been continuously funded by the NIH, Huntington Disease Society of America, ALS Association, American Cancer Society, and the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation. He is on many Scientific Advisory Boards including the University of Heidelberg, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, BioCity Turku, Max Planck Institute, the Zilkha Neurogenetics Institute at USC, and Argonne National Laboratory. He is a co-founder of Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. a Biotech recently formed in Cambridge, MA to discover small molecule therapeutics for diseases of protein conformation.