Doctor Nadinath Nillegoda

Monash University, AUS

Dr Nadinath Nillegoda is a cell biologist studying cellular repair mechanisms that help maintain protein homeostasis after proteotoxic stress insults.

He completed his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University and postdoctoral work at Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center.

He is currently working as a Group Leader at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University.

His work combines biochemistry, cell biology and animal models of disease to understand how potentially cytotoxic protein aggregates are solubilized (disaggregated) and cleared in human cells.

His research opens the possibility to reverse, rather than prevent protein aggregation, therefore, is an attractive new direction for future therapeutic interventions for a broad range of protein conformational disorders that have limited or no cures.